Plot Twist Full Rules and Instructions

The Short Answer

  1. Draw a Plot.
  2. Add a Twist.
  3. Can't do it? Get a Penalty.

The Long Answer

  1. Split cards into PlotsTwists, and Penalties. Shuffle the 3 stacks before starting.
  2. Choose a player to go first.
  3. The player must draw a Plot card and a Twist card.
  4. The player must do the Plot and the Twist at the same time.
  5. If the player succeeds, they get to keep both cards as a point (1 Plot and 1 Twist = 1 Point).
  6. If the player fails to, refuses to, or cannot do the combination, the player must draw and do a Penalty card.
  7. If the player can't do or refuses to do the Penalty, that player loses all the points they've accumulated so far and must start over from 0.
  8. Move on to the next player in a clockwise motion.
  9. Continue until there’s 1 last standing player.

Alternative Elimination-Style Rules

  1. If a player successfully completes their Plot and Twist combination, they’re safe.
  2. If a player fails their Plot and Twist combination, they must draw and do a Penalty.
  3. If the Penalty is completed successfully, they are safe.
  4. However, if they fail, that player is kicked out of the game.
  5. Last person standing wins!

Additional Rules

  • Other players get to decide if a player successfully finished their PlotTwist, or Penalty.
  • The Twist must be done continuously until the Plot is completed.
  • If you run out of cards, shuffle the used cards and keep going.
  • If a card is not applicable due to lack of items, discard the card and draw again.