Tired of Boring Card Games? Us too.

Step up your boring ass game nights with Punish Me, Daddy, the card game designed to embarrass your friends (and you).

Here’s How It Works

Start with a Dare

Dares are the core of Punish Me, Daddy. You start each turn by drawing a Dare card.

Add a Twist

This is where it gets interesting. After drawing a Dare card, you draw a Twist card. You must complete your Dare with the added Twist.

Can’t Do It? Get a Punishment

If you can't, refuse, or fail to do your combinations, you must draw a Punishment card and suffer the consequences.

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Plot Twist Now Available!

Alright, we get it. The name Punish Me, Daddy can be "off-putting" or "scary" to some people. But luckily, now you don't have to give grandma a heart attack anymore, while still (mostly) playing Punish Me, Daddy!

Now shipping!

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Pick between 2 disturbingly horrible scenarios as you find out how desperate you and your friends would really get with our new would-you-rather game, I Choose Death!

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People Embarrassing Themselves

Disclaimer: Zombie Ghost Games is not responsible for damages suffered while playing any of our games, such as physical harm, embarrassment, emotional trauma, bullying, or any other negative consequences that come from playing games with names like Punish Me, Daddy and I Choose Death.

You should know better.

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