Plot Twist Card Examples


1. Improvise a stand-up comedy routine.

2. Perform an interpretive dance routine and then explain what the meaning was. The weirder the meaning, the better.

3. Act like a Karen that needs to speak to the manager.

4. Perform a magic trick.

5. Get behind some sort of barrier and pretend to be going down some stairs. If there's nothing to get behind, do it in the middle of the room.

6. Act like a mime stuck inside an invisible box.

7. Roll up into a ball and make your way across the room without unrolling any part of yourself.

8. Dance like a ballerina.

9. Get uncomfortably close to someone and try to have a normal conversation.

10. Act like you have a nasty case of lice and it won't stop itching.


1. Whisper everything you say.

2. Act like you just drank a ton of caffeine and are incredibly hyper.

3. Act incredibly nerdy.

4. Speak like a pirate. Arrr.

5. Tie your hands together behind your back.

6. Be as edgy as you possibly can be.

7. Grab 2 items around you and hold 1 under each armpit. Don't drop either item during your Plot.

8. Pretend you're incredibly depressed.

9. Pretend you're blind.

10. Move incredibly slowly.


1. Swallow a bite out of a lemon or lime.

2. Give yourself a wedgie.

3. Have everyone playing take off their shoes and smell each of their feet.

4. Smear peanut butter all over your face and keep it there for the rest of the game.

5. Do not say a word until your next turn.

6. Wear socks on your hands for the rest of the game. You can take them off to draw your cards on your turn, but they do not come off otherwise.

7. Everyone playing can come up with 1 question to ask you. You must answer truthfully.

8. Grunt angrily every time someone says your name until your next turn.

9. Wear your clothes backwards for the rest of the game.

10. Get shut into a closet (or any other enclosed, small space) without your phone until your next turn.

Think You Can Handle It?