About us

Jake, founder of Zombie Ghost Games, exhibiting at a trade show
Surprise! It's just me!

Hey! I'm Jake. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my small business and wanting to learn more about who Zombie Ghost Games really is!

As you probably figured from the line above, I'm just 1 guy creating and selling my card game out of my apartment here in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. I answer every email, I design every card, post everything on social media, and read every comment.

Because I'm such a small business, it means I get to meet and talk to so many of my amazing customers, so don't be afraid to hit me up! I'm always an email away.

How Zombie Ghost Games was born

Do you ever randomly get those million dollar ideas and think, "I should do that"?

Well, that's exactly what happened with my first game, Punish Me, Daddy.

As soon as I got the idea, I decided to make a "prototype" of it. So I drove down to the store to grab a big sheet of construction paper, some scissors, and a marker. No, seriously. Check out this picture. I didn't even know what I was going to call the Twists yet!

After hacking my prototype together, I started sharing it with my friends to get feedback. After a lot of research and revisions, I ordered a few test decks.

After even more testing, revisions, and late nights, Punish Me, Daddy was finally ready to go! I bit the bullet, ordered a small amount of inventory, and started selling!

Now, over 3 years later, Zombie Ghost Games has grown way past what I thought would be possible, now having created several games, and yet it still remains just me! (Although I'm hoping to bring on my first employees soon!)

Ready to play?

Don't worry, Punish Me, Daddy looks a lot nicer than the picture above now. Plus I have even more games! Check them out below! 👇