Punish Me, Daddy Card Examples


1. Pour a glass of ice cold water on your head.

2. Striptease in front of everyone.

3. Act like an angry chihuahua.

4. Freestyle rap. Let's hear them sick bars.

5. Act like a stereotype from your country.

6. Tell everyone your best joke and make at least 1 person laugh. If no one laughs, you fail.

7. Act like the weird uncle you avoid during the holidays.

8. Act like a hardened criminal that just got out of prison.

9. Show off your muscles like you're at a bodybuilding contest.

10. Act like you're having a mental breakdown.


1. Everyone playing gets to throw things at you.

2. Act incredibly pervy.

3. Pretend you're really angry.

4. Play a funny song in the background.

5. Hold a funny facial expression.

6. Be blindfolded.

7. Moan really loud.

8. Do spirit fingers.

9. Sag your pants like a thug. The lower the sag, the better.

10. Be on your hands and knees.


1. Wear your shirt as pants, and your pants as a shirt for the rest of the game.

2. Get shut into a closet (or any other enclosed, small space) without your phone until your next turn.

3. Crack an egg over your head.

4. Get sprayed down by a hose.

5. Share a porn video on social media and don't delete it for the rest of the game. Everyone playing gets to decide on the video's category.

6. Flash everyone playing.

7. Get in the shower and turn on the cold water. You must stay in the water for at least 5 seconds.

8. Run a lap around the block as fast as you can.

9. Let everyone playing go through your phone gallery for 1 minute.

10. Let every player draw something on your face.

Think you can handle it?