Which scenario would you REALLY rather do?

Introducing I Choose Death, a would you rather game from the creators of Punish Me, Daddy.

Find out how desperate your friends can really get

300 disturbingly horrible scenarios

Score points by tricking the other players

Reviews from people we've ✨ traumatized ✨


"This game made my realize my friends are absolutely disgusting."


"I had no idea I could stoop so low... 5/5 would torch puppies again."


"That was a lot harder than I expected."

(That's what she said)

How to Play

Shuffle and split into 2 even, equally sadistic stacks
Grab 1 card from each stack
Will you tell the truth, or will you lie?
Score points by fooling the other players

Don't want to bother with rules, points, and winning?

Discard all the bullshit cards.

Draw one card from each stack and tell everyone which disgusting scenario you would rather do.

Trust us, this will lead to some "interesting" conversations. ;)