World's Best Daddy T-Shirt

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You don't need to be a father to wear this "World's Best Daddy" t-shirt! Subtle enough to fly past the average person, but obvious enough to anyone that knows. 👀

Benefits of buying a Punish Me, Daddy shirt

  • You will look cool as fuck.
  • Great conversation starter.
  • It will become your favorite shirt.
  • It will cure your depression.
  • You will support a small business.

*Disclaimer: Cure for depression not guaranteed.


  • Striptease in front of everyone.
  • Act like the weird uncle you avoid during the holidays.
  • Act like an angry chihuahua.


  • Everyone playing gets to throw things at you.
  • Be blindfolded.
  • Be on your hands and knees.


  • Crack an egg over your head.
  • Flash everyone playing.
  • Let every player draw something on your face.